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I have provided thousands of hours of technical and strategic counseling over three decades, for business, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), philanthropists/impact investors, and government agencies.  

  • Worked with PepsiCo's global Sustainability teams to improve operational water use by 23%, saving $17MM and approximately one billion absolute liters of water

  • Designed water treatment systems for food and beverage manufacturing; critiqued emerging technologies

  • Created PepsiCo’s comprehensive Global Water Strategy

NGOs & Charities
NGOs & Charities
  • Designed PepsiCo Foundation's Water Strategy & Portfolio of NGO partners which, provided 55MM+  people access to safe water as of 2020

  • Managed pioneering public-private partnership with Penn State University to develop innovative Student Farm and Sustainable Food Systems minor

Hgh-net-worth Investors
  • Consulted by companies and non-profits to help develop social impact strategies and partnerships

  • Championed shift from input/output model to one based more on outcomes and impact

  • Assessed nearly 100 new and existing technologies for commercial viability or expansion

  • Provided impact investors technical reviews of potential investments

Government & Dev Agencies
Gov't & Dev Agencies
  • Authored 10,000+ pages of technical material submitted to the Parliament of India

  • Testified to US Senate Subcommittee on Water and Power to help inform future legislative focus and direction

  • Tested drinking water samples as an environmental organic chemist

  • Co-created PepsiCo’s policy to respect water as a human right, recognized by shareholders, NGOs, & UN as a first for a multinational corporation

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