Take a second to recall something you read recently that made you feel happy...or sad...or excited...or inspired.

Think about that.

It was a collection of words on a page, or on a computer display, or on a smart phone screen--that made you feel something.  And maybe even spurred you to do something.  To actTo modify your behavior.


You were controlled  by what were essentially lines of different shapes grouped and oriented in such a way that you understood them--the written word. 


Or, maybe it wasn't written at all. Instead, maybe it was a collection of sounds you heard from a keynote speaker, or a favorite podcast, or a streaming video.


Language. Communication.  Power.

My approach is a simple one.  

Engage, Inspire, Collaborate, Advocate.

Engage your audience. Hook them with something of immediate relevance and resonance.

Inspire them. Once engaged, you have receptive minds just waiting to be inspired. Don't disappoint them.

Collaborate. Once you have reached them, and inspired them, and, along the way, educated them, have them think about how they can involve others. Power in numbers. The joy of humanity is interaction with each other--help your audience see that.

Advocate: the "Holy Grail" for a writer or speaker. Helping your audience understand the gravity and importance of your message, equipping them with the core details, and,  hopefully, transforming them into advocates to spread your message to everyone they meet.

I would be honored to work with you to do just that.  Contact me.

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Keynote Address

Keynote Address