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If your job doesn't make you want to jump out of bed each morning with excitement, why not?


Don't you think it should? I do.


Book a 30-minute personal coaching session now, for $75.00 (US)

In today's "VUCA" (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, virtually all organizations are streamlining resources, becoming more lean. This has gotten even worse as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has forced businesses, schools, not-for-profits, and governments to re-think how they operate. Along with this might come efficiency gains, but often at the cost of the "people" element. People are getting depressed and losing hope that there really is a "silver lining" to the dark clouds that cover so many lives at the moment.

Too often, new- and middle-level managers are given feedback that they need to develop their "soft skills." Become a better communicator. A more inspiring presenter. Learn to "bring people along with you," or develop your "organizational savvy." Maybe even establish a stronger "executive presence."

But, you are rarely told how! Or, your manager knows how to help, but does not have the time for 1:1 mentorship. Let me be the one to help.


I am passionate about using my decades of experience with the private sector, governments,  high-level UN engagements, academia, and amazing not-for-profits who are genuinely changing the world for the better, to help you! I have been so honored that many people have trusted me over the years with being their mentor, and I often think that I get as much out of the experience as they do. It's got to be a trusted partnership to work! 

Over 20 years, I compiled the lessons learned and wisdom of so many mentors and experiences into the 7H Ladder for Purpose-based Leadership. As a coach, we will together learn how to apply this tool to your life--using your head, heart, hands, hunger, humility, humanity, and harmony for success in everything you do!

You can learn more about the 7H Ladder for Purpose-based Leadership here.

Listen to a 12-minute discussion of "soft skills" at the link below, or to the podcasts that follow. You can use all three as podcasts, if desired. Narrated by me, to give you a flavor for my approach.

Free podcast from Dan Bena

Free podcast from Dan Bena

Whether you are in the private sector, work for a non-profit, are in academia, or serve a government agency, let me use my decades of executive experience and mentoring--with a little bit of mysticism thrown in--to help.


Book a 30-minute personal coaching session now, for $75.00 (US)

Download a free e-copy of my book by clicking below.

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