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I am  passionate about helping to equip undergraduate and graduate students with the perspective and transferable skills they need to succeed in the work place, anchored in "real world" application and expectations.  I continue to speak at many colleges and universities on topics ranging from water stewardship, strategic advocacy, and sustainable development to how to expand the definition of "business value" to include core elements of corporate purpose; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors; and license to operate and flourish.


Select examples of abridged narrated lectures appear below, and a more complete list of academic lectures may be found here.

Parts One and Two follow below of a two-part lecture created in 2022 for Glasgow Caledonian New York College on the topic of Decision Making for Sustainability: A Practitioner's Perspective

Conversation with social activist, business tycoon, non-profit leader, and Holocaust survivor, Eva Haller, at the Glasgow Caledonian New York College. May 2021.

Lecture to the Mercy College Center for Global Engagement, May 2020

Dan Bena was a full-time employee of PepsiCo at the time of the lecture above.

Univ of Arizona Lecture 23 Oct 2019 shor

Abridged and adapted from University of Arizona School of Public Health lecture.

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