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Award-winning Purpose, ESG, and CSR Executive; Coach & Mentor; Globally-recognized Water Steward; SDG Advocate; Writer; Keynoter; Board Member; Honorary Professor; Trustee  

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I believe that the power of business, with the right partners and foundational values, and anchored to a solid ESG (environment, social stewardship, governance) framework, can help solve the global challenges we face as humanity--and in a way that results in sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. Together, we can achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ending poverty; achieving  water, food, and climate security; and simply making the world a happier place for us all to share...while purposely driving business value at the same time! 

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Watch my inspirational conversation with Social Activist, Entrepreneur, Business Leader, and Holocaust Survivor,

Eva Haller

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Having a "purpose" as an individual can be life changing. It motivates, energizes, and catalyzes impact. Research increasingly suggests that companies with purpose do better than competitors. How do you develop a genuine purpose-based strategy, authentic ESG metrics, and a compelling story to drive business value?

Learn more.

I bring decades of water & environmental expertise, assessment of hundreds of global projects, & design/brokerage of diverse, impactful partnerships. I can help, whether you are a business, non-profit, philanthropist/impact investor, or government agency. Learn more.

Public advocacy, done correctly, can ignite large-scale change. My model is simple: engage, inspire, collaborate, and advocate. I have spoken at over 100 venues, ranging from high-school classes, colleges, and companies to Royal Galas and high-level United Nations panels.  Learn more.

If you are a leading-edge college or university, interested in assuring that your graduates receive the 1:1 training and mentorship to successfully apply what they have learned to the "real world" environment, consider the Virtual Executive-in-Residence Partnership in Social Impact (VERPSI) program. Learn more.

Too often, new- and middle-level managers are given feedback that they need to develop their "soft skills." Become a better communicator, a more inspiring presenter. Learn to "bring people along with you," or develop your "organizational savvy." Establish a stronger "executive presence." But, you are rarely told how! Learn more.

An Honorary Professor, I am passionate about helping to equip students with the perspective & transferable skills needed to succeed in the work place. I have spoken at many colleges and universities on topics ranging from water stewardship, strategic advocacy, sustainable agriculture, and sustainable development to how to expand the definition of "business value" to include core elements of corporate conscience, purpose, and license to flourish.

Learn more.

English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton is credited with the adage, "The pen is mightier than the sword." The ability to engage people and guide their thoughts with mere marks on a page is powerful, indeed.  I have written c-suite speeches, talk points, and briefing documents; created OpEds; authored a published book on corporate conscience; and have the unique perspective of being the person who not only creates the message, but the person who also delivers itLearn more.

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